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La Cueva del Indio, Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Updated: May 26

If you are looking for a great day trip, while in Puerto Rico, it’s hard to beat this little gem! Boasting towering cliffs, hidden caves and panoramic views, La Cueva del Indio (Cave of the Indians) is breathtaking and so worth the trip. Upon arrival, you and your guests will pay a small $5 fee. You will also receive a short briefing about the site. After the briefing, you are free to explore! Have fun!

Shortly after walking through the gate, you can see a path leading through the trees onto a sandy beach. The beach boasts views of rocky outcroppings and a rocky island to the north. From the beach, there are two paths to follow. The path to the left will lead you to the caves and the path to the right will lead you to the highest vantage point and views of several natural bridges and arches.

Safety at La Cueva del Indio

One thing the guide does not tell you and you certainly should be aware of is safety. The rocks, along the paths, are very jagged, so tripping and falling onto the rock would certainly cause some pain and mild bleeding. You will also want to be aware of the cliffs. They aren’t marked nor are they roped off. Make sure you’re standing still if taking photos and make sure you watch where you’re walking. One step in the wrong direction could spell disaster. Additionally, if you have children with you, please ensure you keep them within your reach to prevent any possible accidents. Now that we have the safety brief out of the way, on to the path to the left.

Onward and Upwards!

Along the sea’s edge are very impressive cliffs plunging directly into the impossibly beautiful, turquoise water below. You will witness the magnificent power, of the Atlantic ocean, as the swells crash onto the jagged rocks. There are a couple paths that can be used to carefully descend into the caverns below. I was there during a very busy day so it was very difficult to descend into the caverns without putting myself at risk. I will definitely return, on another day, to see what I am sure will be a spectacular sight.

The views from the topside were; however, well worth the effort it took to get there. There were a couple coves, in the rocky shoreline, were the water produced some impressively violent action. There were astonishing amounts of spray exploding, from blowholes, just above the waterline. Photos simply do not do justice to the pure power displayed, as the swells that had been travelling for possibly thousands of miles across the Atlantic, came to a sudden and dramatic end inside these rocky coves.

After exploring the area for a while, I crossed over the rocky landscape to the path leading to the higher vantage point. Although there were no caves lurking below my feet, the views were even more impressive than the first area. Off to the east, is a massive natural bridge jutting into the open sea. At the edge of the rock, an impressive cliff dropped into another area of crystal-clear turquoise water. A massive arch was displayed right beside the outcrop, I was standing on, which shared the beautiful water and massive boulder rubble along the towering walls. My breath was just taken away. I was in complete awe at the sheer beauty of the views and amazed at how nature’s violence created such a magnificent landscape.

Did I say I liked this trek?

In short, this day trip was definitely worth the time and one that I will repeat time and time again. It is an amazing place to reflect and marvel at nature’s beauty. Need more details? Feel free to contact me at Journey with me!

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